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Job: Social Studies Teacher 6th-8th Grades

Canon City School District Fremont Re-1

Social Studies Teacher 6th-8th Grades

Canon City School District Fremont Re-1

Job Description

Job Type: Full time, Salaried

Wage: $41,805-$84,732/yr. 

Location: Canon City, CO.

Job Description:

Purpose of the Job: To lead students to the fulfillment of their potential for intellectual, emotional, psychological and physical growth and maturity.

Minimum Requirements: (Note: The minimum requirements or prerequisites for a position must be met to satisfy step one of the “qualified” person determined under the Americans with Disabilities Act.)

Education: Bachelor Degree

Experience: Such qualifications as the Superintendent may require

Licenses/Certificates: Must hold a valid Colorado Teaching License properly endorsed for proposed assignment. If a vocational teacher, must hold valid Colorado Vocational Credential appropriately endorsed for proposed assignment.

Essential Duties of the Job: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. (Note: This is the second step in establishing a “qualified” individual under the Americans with Disabilities Act. List the duties in order of importance.)

Teachers are held to high expectations for their performance to ensure success of the individual and the District in serving students and the community. Teachers are held to the District’s Licensed Personnel Performance Evaluation System that consists of the State’s Quality Standards, elements, and performance indicators which point to fulfillment of the teaching responsibility. A teacher’s demonstrated effectiveness is based on the following standards:

Standard I: Teachers demonstrate mastery of and pedagogical expertise in the content they teach. The elementary Teacher is an expert in literacy and mathematics and is knowledgeable in all other content that he or she teaches (e.g. science, social studies, art, physical education, or world languages). The secondary Teacher has knowledge of literacy and mathematics and is an expert in his or her content endorsement area(s).

  • Teachers provide instruction that is aligned with the Core Knowledge Curriculum/ Colorado Academic Standards; their District’s organized plan of instruction; and the individual needs of their students.
  • Teachers demonstrate knowledge of student literacy development in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
  • Teachers demonstrate knowledge of mathematics and understand how to promote student development in numbers and operations, algebra, geometry and measurement, and data analysis and probability.
  • Teachers demonstrate knowledge of the content, central concepts, tools of inquiry, appropriate evidence-based instructional practices and specialized character of the disciplines being taught.
  • Teachers develop lessons that reflect the interconnectedness of content areas/disciplines.
  • Teachers make instruction and content relevant to students and take actions to connect students’ background and contextual knowledge with new information being taught.

Standard II: Teachers establish safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment for a diverse population of students.

  • Teachers foster a predictable learning environment in the classroom in which each student has a positive, nurturing relationship with caring adults and peers.
  • Teachers demonstrate a commitment to and respect for diversity, while working toward common goals as a community and as a country.
  • Teachers engage students as individuals with unique interest and strengths.
  • Teachers adapt their teaching for the benefit of all students, including those with special needs, across a range of ability levels.
  • Teachers provide proactive, clear and constructive feedback to families about student progress and work collaboratively with the families and significant adults in the lives of their students.
  • Teachers create a learning environment characterized by acceptable student behavior, efficient use of time, and appropriate intervention strategies.

Standard III: Teachers plan and deliver effective instruction and create an environment that facilitates learning for their students.

  • Teachers demonstrate knowledge of current developmental science, the ways in which learning takes place, and the appropriate levels of intellectual, social, and emotional development of their students.
  • Teachers plan and consistently deliver instruction that draws on results of student assessments, is aligned to academic standards, and advances students’ level of content knowledge and skills.
  • Teachers demonstrate a rich knowledge of current research on effective instructional practices to meet the developmental and academic needs of their students.
  • Teachers thoughtfully integrate and utilize appropriate available technology in their instruction to maximize student learning.
  • Teachers establish and communicate high expectations for all students and plan instruction that helps students develop critical-thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Teachers provide students with opportunities to work in teams and develop leadership qualities.
  • Teachers communicate effectively, making learning objectives clear and providing appropriate models of language.
  • Teachers use appropriate methods to assess what each student has learned, including formal and informal assessments, and use results to plan further instruction.

Standard IV: Teachers reflect on their practice.

  • Teachers demonstrate that they analyze student learning, development, and growth and apply what they learn to improve their practice.
  • Teachers link professional growth to their professional goals.
  • Teachers are able to respond to a complex, dynamic environment.

Standard V: Teachers demonstrate leadership.

  • Teachers demonstrate leadership in their schools.
  • Teachers contribute knowledge and skills to educational practices and the teaching profession.
  • Teachers advocate for schools and students, partnering with students, families and communities as appropriate.
  • Teachers demonstrate high ethical standards.

Other Duties and Responsibilities of the Job: (This section is optional. Non-essential duties of the position may be listed. An applicant with a disability must be excused from any or all non-essential duties if necessary.)

Coaching and/or sponsoring of extra-curricular school activities may be assigned as needed to meet the needs of the students and the building.

Entry Level Criteria: (Note: These are the physical and mental abilities necessary to perform the essential functions of the job.)

  • Ability to work cooperatively in a school atmosphere with staff members, students and the public
  • Ability to read, write and speak the English language and comply with directions and instructions to complete tasks and establish priorities.
  • Equipment: Computer hardware and software; technology related to assignment; typical office machines such as copiers, faxes, phones; Typical classroom equipment including technology tools such as digital projectors, calculators, “smart” boards, etc.

*Physical Requirements for Essential Functions of the Job:

LIFTING WEIGHT LIFTING HEIGHT / RANGE FREQUENCY 50 pounds Floor to waist, waist to floor Occasionally (1-33% of time) 25 pounds Floor to overhead, overhead to floor Occasionally (1-33% of time) Steps steps up and down Occasionally (1-33% of time)

Work Environment: Classroom, group and 1:1 settings as well as possible outside supervisory duties in inclement weather.

This description is not intended, and should not be construed, to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, efforts, or working conditions associated with this job. It is intended to be an accurate reflection of the principal job elements essential for making compensation decisions. This job description is subject to change in accordance with the needs of the District. 

**Disclaimer: The duties and responsibilities described above are not a comprehensive list and additional tasks may be assigned to the employee, time to time; the scope of the job may change as necessitated by business demands. Click “View Application” below for more detail on this specific job.

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Apply By: June 17, 2024

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