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Job: Patrol Lieutenant

City of Florence

Patrol Lieutenant

City of Florence

Job Description

Job Type: Full time, Salaried

Wage: $65,868.20 - $76,359.20/yr. 

Location: Florence, CO.

Job Description:

Salary and Benefits: The City of Florence Police Department is seeking a Patrol Lieutenant. The salary range is $65,868.20 - $76,359.20, DOE. Full-time benefits include health, dental, vision, FPPA Pension, and supplemental insurance.

Job Description:

Under the general supervision of the Chief of Police, performs a variety of police duties in enforcing municipal, State, and federal statutes necessary for the protection of life, safety, welfare, and property of persons within the city; provides first-line supervision of patrol officers and police reserves.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Incident Evaluation: responds to or initiates a call for service; obtains information and evaluates same to determine courses of action; identifies and preserves evidence; protects personal and public property.
  • Interviews/interrogation: interviews victims, witnesses, complainants, suspicious persons, informants, medical personnel, prisoners, etc.; makes legal admonishments; interrogates suspects.
  • Arrest/detention/searches: approaches, detains and/or apprehends suspects; effects arrests; restrains and subdues suspects/subjects; conducts searches of persons; transports prisoners and members of the public as required to accomplish a specific task.
  • Public Interaction: provides information and/or explanation to those contacted; maintain appropriate courtesy and professional presence; provides referrals, mediates disputes, controls crowds; performs public speaking engagements and attends public meetings as assigned; assists in the implementation of crime prevention projects and participates in proactive programs as developed by this department.
  • Upper Management Supervisor: performs duties as an upper-management supervisor to the police sergeants, patrol officers, police reserves and civilian employees.
  • Assists with Training: assists the Chief of Police in training of all officers
  • Assuming Command: in the absence of the Chief of Police, takes command at all incidents within the jurisdiction.
  • Acting Chief of Police: in the absence of the chief of police, shall exercise authority over all subordinates under his command
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Chief of Police

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Judgement: applies knowledge and reasoning to make prompt and effective decisions in both routine and critical situations; follows through with appropriate action
  • Observation: recognizes conditions or circumstances that indicate a need for official involvement, utilizing sense of sight and hearing to assist in recognition of such conditions
  • Learning: comprehends and retains new information and appropriately applies acquired knowledge to the completion of tasks
  • Oral Communication: communicates effectively with other members of the department, the public, other agencies, other city officials and personnel; presents clear and concise spoken testimony when appearing in court; transmits appropriate spoken information via the police radio and/or telephone.
  • Written Communication: prepare written reports, memos, citations, statements, forms and associated paperwork in a clear, concise, accurate, well-organized format; prepares instructional outlines when conducting training classes.
  • Ability to plan, assign, and coordinate the work of varied activities within the police department
  • Ability to analyze police problems, plan policies and procedures
  • Ability to assign, direct and evaluate employees
  • Must possess and maintain a valid Colorado driver's license

Education and Experience

Minimum of Associate of Arts and Science Degree (AAS or AA) in criminal justice; and Minimum of three (5) years of experience as a full-time certified police officer (patrol and/or investigative duties apply) in the state of Colorado; and Minimum of two (2) years of experience as a supervisor of police officers in the state of Colorado Any equivalent combination of education and experience, as established by the Chief of Police

Applications may be picked up and completed at City Hall, 600 West 3rd Street, Florence, CO 81226, or you may also email completed applications to [email protected]

**Disclaimer: The duties and responsibilities described above are not a comprehensive list and additional tasks may be assigned to the employee, time to time; the scope of the job may change as necessitated by business demands. Click “View Application” below for more detail on this specific job.

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Apply By: June 17, 2024

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