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Job: Wine Shop Clerk

Arlie Dales Jug Liquor

Wine Shop Clerk

Arlie Dales Jug Liquor

Job Description

Job Type: Part time, Hourly

Wage: $15-$17/hr.

Location: Salida, CO.

Job Description

Clerks at The Jug are our most valuable asset. You are expected to provide the most professional, educational and helpful experience possible to all customers. You are responsible for a number of things listed in this document but most importantly you are face to face with our customers. Clerks are required to arrive early or on time with a neat and professional appearance. NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL will to be used or consumed while working at The Jug or on the premise of N F Street.

  • Benefits available after 1 month of employment include;
  • 20% discount on all items
  • Additional 5% discount as a Jug Rewards Member
  • $100 charge account
  • Free Yoga classes at the Yoga Tonic (must work at least shifts per week)
  • Ability to trade shifts openly
  • Other.

Cashier Skills: In addition to customer service skills, all Clerks are expected to be able to complete the following list of tasks in an efficient and professional manner. You work alone much of the time so it is your responsibility to complete daily tasks and others as need be.

  • Show competent usage of QBPOS system
  • Be responsible for correctly scanning and/or entering items, item quantities and discounts (if applicable) into QBPOS for the purpose of selling items and maintaining correct inventory
  • Be responsible for making correct change for customers
  • Be responsible for scanning debit and credit cards accordingly
  • Encourage Debit card transactions when applicable with PIN entry. This saves us 1.2% in processing fees.
  • Be responsible for balancing transactions with back-up bank
  • Be responsible for balancing cash in register
  • Be responsible for filling out deposit slips (AM Shifts Only)
  • Be responsible for placing back up and drawer in office
  • Be responsible to write down and document incidents in the Communication Log
  • Be responsible for taking and completely filling out special orders and placing them in the SO book
  • Be responsible for filling out and taking Keg, Bucket and Tap deposits
  • Be responsible for signing customers up in the Jug Rewards program
  • Be responsible for applying the correct discounts when applicable
  • Be responsible for receiving orders from distributors and stocking them
  • Be responsible for closing and locking all doors
  • Others duties as needed

Stocking Skills: All Clerks shall be responsible for adequately stocking the following when not with customers. All clerks need to be capable of lifting and carrying the equivalent of 1 case of liquor, wine or beer down and/or up the stairs safely and efficiently. In the event back stock is not available, clerks shall front items in all locations.

  • Beer Parlor Cooler Doors (Rotate, First In First Out)
  • Single Door Cooler
  • Mural Cooler
  • Wine Shelves (Red and White)
  • Check Basement for Wines not on shelf
  • Wine Barrels with monthly specials
  • Liquor 50mL, 200mL, 750mL, 1L, 1.75L
  • Soda Water Cooler
  • Other Mixers
  • Cigarettes and Cigars
  • Wine accessories & Glassware
  • Make 6pk Cans
  • Stock back up in Walk In cooler
  • Make and stock Ice Bags
  • Pay attention to item quantities while stocking and cross reference physical inventory numbers with QBPOS numbers
  • Document inventory discrepancies if found
  • Document damaged items
  • Breakdown all boxes and place in recycling container
  • Minimize Basement Back-stock: In a logical manner, minimize the amount of boxes in the basement keeping like items together (rum with rum, vodka with vodka, red wine with red wine, etc.) Keep it organized and reduce the clutter.
  • Minimize Walk-in Cooler Back-stock (See Above)

Other Clerk Duties:

  • Empty all Trash containers; Large Trash, Bathroom Trash, Register and Office. (Dumpster located in back of store)
  • Clean Bathroom (Sink, Toilet, Floor, Mirror)
  • Sweep Sidewalk in Front of Store and Shovel snow if needed
  • Sweep/Vacuum Showroom Floor, Walk-in cooler, Bathroom, Upstairs back stock room, Office, Stairs Basement
  • Mop Floors Vacuum Windows, Shelves, Counter Displays and Glass Cabinet
  • Clean all Glass (Front Door, Cooler Doors, Checkout Counter, Display Cases)
  • Clean Front Windows (Squeegee and bucket in middle room…use Soap and Hot water)
  • Dusting bottles and shelves
  • Clean and treat wood shelves
  • Maintain Cigar humidifier as needed
  • Keep Bathroom door locked

**Disclaimer: The duties and responsibilities described above are not a comprehensive list and additional tasks may be assigned to the employee, time to time; the scope of the job may change as necessitated by business demands. Click “Visit” below for more detail on this specific job.

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