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Job: Office of Emergency Management Tech

Chaffee County

Office of Emergency Management Tech

Chaffee County

Job Description

Job Type: Part time, Salaried

Wage: $20,000/yr.

Location: Salida, CO.

Job Description


Under the supervision of the Emergency Manager, oversees and performs a variety of office, maintenance, and operational duties relating to the operations of the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Supports the Emergency Manager with scheduled work shifts and tasks, as well as assigned non-scheduled work shifts and tasks.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The following duty statements are illustrative of the essential functions of the job and is not intended to be a comprehensive list and does not include other non-essential or marginal duties that may be required. Chaffee County (CC) reserves the right to modify or change the duties or essential functions of this job at any time.

  • Assists the Emergency Manager with the activities of the CC OEM and assisting the County and Municipalities with emergency management needs. 
  • Performs routine and preventive maintenance and repairs of OEM facilities and equipment: 
  • Performs janitorial functions in the maintenance of facilities, including but not limited to vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, sanitizing, and washing windows and walls; 
  • Maintains OEM/EOC equipment to include OEM facilities, Rapid Tag/Evac kits, EOC computers/printers, EOC audio/video devices, handheld mobile radio caches, and satellite phones with updating, preventive maintenance, sanitizing, and deployment; 
  • Maintains the Medical Surge Trailer to include periodic inventory, cleaning, restocking, preventive maintenance, and deployment; and,
  • Maintains the Shelter Resource Trailer to include periodic inventory, cleaning, restocking, preventive maintenance, and deployment. 
  • Assists the Emergency Manager with the developing and maintaining the EOC as a central location from which key officials can direct, control, and/or coordinate operations in emergencies: o Assists with planning, designing, and developing the EOC coordination system; 
  • Assists with training staff to function in the EOC from all levels of government and non-government agencies within the County; and, 
  • Assists with the coordination of the EOC during emergency periods and activations.
  • Participates in professional training course work and educational opportunities as required by DHSEM , FEMA, and the County as directed by the Emergency Manager. 
  • Respond on-scene to emergencies, as necessary and requested, to provide resource support during multi-agency incidents, countywide impact incidents, mass casualty incidents, or other requested responses. 
  • Assists with preparation of related resource materials. 
  • Assists with promoting community and individual preparedness. 
  • Represents OEM at various governmental and professional meetings when directed by the Emergency Manager. 
  • Assists with managing the OEM Volunteer Program.
  • Performs other related duties and responsibilities as required.


Minimum education: High School diploma or GED equivalent 

Certificates or licenses: Valid Driver's License

REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS: Reports to: County Emergency Manager


  • Oral and written communication skills sufficient to relate effectively with governmental officials, legislative committees and to respond to large groups of people and in emergencies; 
  • Ability to read and understand written materials and compose information/instruction in written form; 
  • Above average written and verbal communication skills; 
  • Ability to use computer programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, WebEOC, EMResource, SalamanderLive, Salamander Rapid Tag/Evac, Salamander Command, ZOOM, etc.; 
  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions; 
  • Ability to operate light equipment, automobiles, and trucks.
  • Ability to haul trailers using the previous listed equipment; and, 
  • Ability to work independently.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: This position's duties are performed either in an indoor or outdoor environment. Flexible hours depending on projects. Will be required to work some scheduled evenings, weekend hours and holidays.

MATERIAL AND EQUIPMENT USED: Telephone, computer, fax/copier, and public safety radios.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The following are some of the physical demands commonly associated with this position. They are included for informational purposes and are not all-inclusive. 

  • Stands 50% of the time, walks 20% of the time, and sits 30% of the time; 
  • Frequently pushes, pulls, climbs, balances, stoops, kneels, crouches, reaches, handles, and feels while in the field and office; 
  • Oral and auditory capacity enabling interpersonal communication as well as communication through automated devices such as the two way radio and telephone; 
  • Auditory capacity enabling the detection of sounds related to dangerous activity; 
  • Visual and fine/gross motor skills enabling the use of office and field equipment; 
  • Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.

**Disclaimer: The duties and responsibilities described above are not a comprehensive list and additional tasks may be assigned to the employee, time to time; the scope of the job may change as necessitated by business demands. Click “Visit” below for more detail on this specific job.

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